Life's better with Sports

We aim to improve everyone’s lives through sports. By engaging in sporting activities, everyone will lead healthier, happier lives and connect better with the community around them.


To be everyone’s sports companion
Everyone should associate SPORTSLINK with sportswear. When people think of buying sportswear, they should think of coming to Sportslink. People know they can find the service they need to find what they want.

To serve the best selection and value for sports
Everyone should have the best products they can get within their budget. SPORTSLINK has the price range of products and bundles to ensure everyone from adults to kids in school are able to access the best quality equipment and attire. This selection is paired with staff that are trained to serve and enables customers to find what they want.

To enable healthier, happier lives through sports
When people engage in sports, they gain the opportunity to improve their lives in positive ways. Benefits such as a healthier outlook on life and also the pleasure of exercise. SPORTSLINK enables this process by pairing customers to the best equipment for their budget that is best suited to them. SPORTSLINK helps everyone lead healthier, happier lives.