12TH Man is not the referee or the substitutes on the beach. It’s the FANS behind the team, the extra impetus given to the team to win. The invisible Man, the extra Man that is invisible to lift the team to greater height and glory.

Brand Concept
In a soccer match, 12TH MAN refers to the home crowd support that the home team enjoy on their own territory. Having a strong home support is always a morale booster for the home team as it creates the psychological advantage over the visiting team. At 12TH MAN, we aspire to have an environment where enthusiastic fans can feel at home to and get the products to be the 12TH MAN for their favourite teams. Similarly for the aspiring footballers out there, we want to be the preferred place of choice where the players can get the best products to make the difference on the pitch.

Brand / Products Offering a wide range of soccer merchandise such as boots, apparel, equipment and accessories from international brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma.

Shop Design Concept
The flagship store is uniquely designed to appeal to the soccer enthusiasts. The shop façade mirrors the entrance of the team’s locker room leading to the playing pitch while its interior is emblazoned with the latest soccer kits and merchandise to adequately equip our customers for play at any time.

Offering the widest and latest collection of authentic soccer merchandise.

For the soccer Fans by soccer Fans!